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This Windows-only cracker bangs against network services of remote systems trying to guess passwords by using a dictionary and permutations thereof. It supports HTTP, POP3, FTP, SMB, TELNET, IMAP, NNTP, and more. No source code is available. UNIX users should take a look at THC Hydra. For downloads and more information, visit the Brutus homepage.

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Rating ★★★★½ (3)
Latest release AET2
Jan. 28, 2000
(15 years, 7 months ago)


★★★★★ theItalian

Hi, I would like to share with you a crowdfunding progect I’ve founded on Indiegogo. Thhe final goal of this project would be to create a website where you can enter a password’s hash ( MD5, SHA-1 ) and il will send you back the password per email. The porject is made to recovery lost passwords but I bet it wouldn’t see the diffrence between a lost password and a password stolen from a database. I wonder if it will be able to crack a 9-10 words password but let’s try. Even giving 10 dollars you support the project so it doesn’t coast nothing to try !

Thanks theGreek

P.S : Here’s the link :


no rating Tianna Rump-FOOL

Shit. Is there one for women interested in security?

no rating Tianna Rumphol

nice tool that can be used for guys interested in security.....

no rating my name

this tool is shit

no rating derrik

great earmemar ermaljream rearelarj raemlrkjea reamlrjaem ra melrja rmealjrea

★★★ ceurapee

kurang berhasil aq pakai gimana cara yang berhasil coba dunk tutorial na

★★★★★ mutasaddiq

this tool is very useful to hack the email id's of other

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