BeEF is a browser exploitation framework. This tool will demonstrate the collecting of zombie browsers and browser vulnerabilities in real-time. It provides a command and control interface which facilitates the targeting of individual or groups of zombie browsers. It is designed to make the creation of new exploit modules easy. For downloads and more information, visit the BeEF homepage.

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  • April 25, 2014 (9 years, 11 months ago)
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★★★★★ not007

BeEF is a really great tool. All I use it for is pranking my friends, but it's really fun to mess around with and it really gives people an idea of just how dangerous viruses and hackers can be.

no rating antisnatchor

Might look like a little biased as I'm the lead core developer of BeEF, but BeEF is a great tool and I have fun developing it.

[Removed 5-star rating since developers aren't supposed to rate their own tools. -SecTools Admin]

no rating Quentin Swain

Amazuhzing. Post exploitation tool with awesome capabilities. Shows just how much you can do with a compromised browser.

no rating Robin

I really love BEeF to show my customers what can happen when you click a RogueLink.

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