Cain and Abel

UNIX users often smugly assert that the best free security tools support their platform first, and Windows ports are often an afterthought. They are usually right, but Cain & Abel is a glaring exception. This Windows-only password recovery tool handles an enormous variety of tasks. It can recover passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using dictionary, brute-force and cryptanalysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations, decoding scrambled passwords, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols. It is also well documented. For downloads and more information, visit the Cain and Abel homepage.

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no rating longshot338

Found a good link through web Archive.

no rating Shaws

go to

input the old URL

I went back to Jan 1st 2018 and was able to retrieve CA.


The sight is Dead/Hijacked used for "Survey" ad phishing now target link: see elements excerpt from page <li><a name="dk4" title="Cain and Abel Software" id="dk4" onmouseover="changeStatus('Cain and Abel Software');return true;" onmouseout="changeStatus('');return true;" onclick="if(typeof(showPop) != 'undefined')showPop=0;return modifyKeywordClickURL(this, 'kwclk');;" href=";fp= (insert alpha numeric gibberish)D&amp;yep=D (insert alpha numeric gibberish)sZxJM%3D&amp;gtnp=0&amp;gtpp=0&amp;maxads=0&amp;kld=1063&amp;yprpnd=FeIsPeqqAw96W%2BSKvEIup4fEozEILgA%2FovXilQZD3KY%3D&amp;prvtof=%2Bv5TUvIuOqYBOLa0Bk3I1sersCxHC0X4e592eNPwv9v8xNIYM8QGlV1BRzIAGVUd6BQrT6wkJMMWSKHRgFvSzw%3D%3D&amp;_nozc_=1&amp;gtnp=0&amp;gtpp=0&amp;kt=246&amp;&amp;kbc=4281&amp;ki=55118376&amp;ktd=0&amp;kld=1063&amp;kp=4&amp;bd=-8%231080%231920%231%230" target="_top">Cain and Abel Software</a></li>

Trimmed the alpha numeric gibberish in the url. There are no functional content links on the site anymore.

★★★★ Sean newer comment by this user ↑

Google Chrome has blocked it, use Edge to access site

no rating Chris A

Useful tool, has helped with recovering lost passwords

no rating Matt

This is amazing software it has helped me alot if you know what i mean.

no rating The Phoenix

Best tool ever created!!

Keep calm C&A IS AWESOME!!

★★★★ Hut be phot

Nice for use on some public networks. Thanks. But this software don't update new version for Windows 64bit

no rating Deependra

Nice and easy! Must have tool! Thanks for sharing! Awesome!!

no rating coconuts

An indispensable tool to have in your toolbox during emergencies.

no rating Genti

This program its not working for me in windows 7 !!!

no rating Beastmode

Great tool for windows OS. Cain has so many other offerings built in. Watch the demo here:

no rating john

im wondering if this ill work for cracking a facebook password

★★★★ Rauf hacker

Best tool with GUI functinality to recover passwords .

★★★★ Mr.Tracks

Excellent Program, very user friendly, even a novice can use it. I would highly recommend this program.

★★★★★ MeMe

It's nice and easy to use. I find it likely the best cracker. And.. Whoever thought of the anti spam thing, they're brilliant. XD

★★★★ Martin

The best Windows security tool in regards to multipurpose functionality. I use it a lot when teaching classes in Windows Security due to its extensive funcionality and ease of use.

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