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This popular and well-engineered suite by Dug Song includes many tools: dsniff, filesnarf, mailsnarf, msgsnarf, urlsnarf, and webspy passively monitor a network for interesting data (passwords, e-mail, files, etc.); arpspoof, dnsspoof, and macof facilitate the interception of network traffic normally unavailable to an attacker (e.g, due to layer-2 switching); and sshmitm and webmitm implement active monkey-in-the-middle attacks against redirected ssh and https sessions by exploiting weak bindings in ad-hoc PKI. A separately maintained partial Windows port is available here. The suite suffers from the lack of any updates in the last decade, but it is still a great toolset for handling your password sniffing needs. For downloads and more information, visit the dsniff homepage.

Popularity #32, 15
Rating ★★★½ (7)
Latest release 2.3
Dec. 17, 2000
(20 years, 4 months ago)


★★★★★ Anthon

tool I need the most. tool I need the most. tool I need the most. tool I need the most. tool I need the most. tool I need the most.

no rating Brian

I know that the dsniff package isnt itself a virus, but if you download it (im not aware of apt-get or wget/curl) your anti virus may think its a virus. Anti virus uses hashes to find malicous code, and since dsniff most likely does some funny behind the scenes port sniffing/configuration your antivirus may think its a virus. I would recommend finding the hashes in sha256 and checking yourself for the package confidentiality. Dsniff is a nice tool to use, havong several good features.

★★★★★ reza vir

this is not virus only warning antivirus all software hack and sniff detected virus by all anti virus but not virus .


viiiiiiirrrrruuuuus alert Virus! Virus! this is a Virus! :c :c :c adware Virus! it installs adware! dont download! infected!

★★★ Chris

dnsiff rocks good times, love this tools... good times

★★★★ Binaryburn

Awesome tool!

★★★★ Fareed

Best Upload guyzzz ajdf;lasdf as df as df asdfajsdl fjaslk;df j;lajdsfk;lasjdkf

★★★★ phil

tool I need the most. tool I need the most. tool I need the most. tool I need the most. tool I need the most. tool I need the most.

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