This handy little utility assembles and sends custom ICMP, UDP, or TCP packets and then displays any replies. It was inspired by the ping command, but offers far more control over the probes sent. It also has a handy traceroute mode and supports IP fragmentation. Hping is particularly useful when trying to traceroute/ping/probe hosts behind a firewall that blocks attempts using the standard utilities. This often allows you to map out firewall rule sets. It is also great for learning more about TCP/IP and experimenting with IP protocols. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since 2005. The Nmap Project created and maintains Nping, a similar program with more modern features such as IPv6 support, and a unique echo mode. For downloads and more information, visit the Hping homepage.

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  • hping3-20051105
  • Nov. 5, 2005 (18 years, 5 months ago)
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no rating Dozzyjean

Great tools, is a swiss knife tools.great for pen-tester that really want to go far enough with their research.

★★★★★ haha

good nice tool it is easy to use thanks

It is good for me

★★★★★ Yuri

The only packet crafting tool I ever needed to test firewall setups - fast, lots of options.

★★★★★ Palgye9

So it hasn't been updated in a long time, does not mean it is not current. It does what you need to do, no matter how outlandish and does it quickly with minimal fuss. Great tool

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