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Immunity Debugger

Immunity Debugger is a debugger whose design reflects the need to write exploits, analyze malware, and reverse engineer binary files. It builds on a solid user interface with function graphing, the industry's first heap analysis tool built specifically for heap creation, and a large and well supported Python API for easy extensibility. For downloads and more information, visit the Immunity Debugger homepage.

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Rating ★★★½ (4)
Latest release 1.80
Dec. 6, 2010
(10 years, 4 months ago)


★★★★★ chr1skol1

It is a fantastic debugger. It comes with a great Python API so that you can write your own extensions in python and it also provides WinDbg aliases.

★★ what do I put here?

This is basically a copy of Olly with python scripting; Windbg and the GDB are better.

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This is based on an old OllyDbg version (they bought the source code). By now there's a v2.0 of OllyDbg and the question is, how good is this Immunity Debugger compared to the new OllyDbg version.

no rating Robin

Olly doesn't support Python scripting. Mona.py rocks

★★★ Robert

OllyDBG on steroids? More like OllyDBG on rice porridge. This is OllyDBG with Immunity branding.

★★★★ Robin newer comment by this user ↑

It's OllyDBG on Steroids.

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