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KeePass is a password manager. It stores many passwords which are unlocked by one master password. The idea is to only have to remember one high-quality password, and still be able to use unique passwords for various accounts. It has a feature to automatically fill in passwords in web forms. For downloads and more information, visit the KeePass homepage.

Popularity #92, new!
Rating ★★★★★ (5)
Latest release 1.29
April 3, 2015
(6 years, 5 months ago)


★★★★ Chris A

Handy tool for managing all of those passwords, should be included with all OS

★★★★★ vagab0nd

Developer very responsive to issues that push the envelope of tool functionality.

Plus it is part of tails.


★★★★★ arapp

I use it every day...it's very intuitive and it syncs with my Iphone.

★★★★★ Craig2

I don't have to remember passwords anymore. I randomly generate complex passwords, and it's just a simple matter of copying and pasting.

★★★★★ Craig

I love this program. I used it to create a password file which I then sync between my desktop, laptop and Android phone using sugarsync. Yes there are password managers that store the database in the cloud for you, but what happens when you don't have internet access? This way I get the best of both worlds.

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