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NoScript is an add-on for Firefox that blocks JavaScript, Java, Flash, and other plugin content (allowing you to selectively re-enable them for certain sites). It also offers cross-site scripting protection. This is mainly designed to keep web users safe, but security testers can also use the add-on to see what scripts a site is using. One caution is that the NoScript author Giorgio Maone has been caught inserting hidden code into NoScript which disabled users' ad-blocking software so that ads would still show up on the NoScript web site. He did post a lengthy apology. For downloads and more information, visit the NoScript homepage.

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Aug. 20, 2015
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★★★★★ r33per

Some idiot forgot to put in my rating... 5 stars!!

no rating r33per newer comment by this user ↑

A superb tool that has kept my laptop safe in the presence of web scripts. Especially useful for blocking out the dozens of ad links on a site.

★★★★★ miniBill

Absolutely essential. Blocks XSS, CSRF, ClickJacking and more. Even with scripts enabled by default (needed for non-tech people) it does a wonderful security job.

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