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Like Netfilter and ipfilter on other platforms, OpenBSD users love PF, their firewall tool. It handles network address translation, normalizing TCP/IP traffic, providing bandwidth control, and packet prioritization. It also offers some eccentric features, such as passive OS detection. Coming from the same guys who created OpenBSD, you can trust that it has been well audited and coded to avoid the sort of security holes we have seen in other  packet  filters. For downloads and more information, visit the OpenBSD PF homepage.

Popularity #79, 22
Rating ★★★★★ (3)
Latest release 5.3
May 1, 2012
(8 years, 5 months ago)


no rating Chris

Best ever firewall made, the default firewall in all major bsd distros, but not in linux.

★★★★★ Kul

PF is great firewall with awesome features and functionalists

★★★★★ MVA


I like this FW and oBSD. Write and read the rules file is easy and work perfectly !

Can you update the description ? OpenBSD have release OpenBSD 5.3 yesterday.

★★★★★ Lucia

This tool is pure awesomeness! I enjoyed writing rules for it and seeing the messages flash by. I saw the bits, I saw the bytes and I saw the bitbytes and knew they were good. Now I'm gonna review iptables :)

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