Ophcrack is a free rainbow-table based cracker for Windows passwords (though the tool itself runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac). Features include LM and NTLM hash cracking, a GUI, the ability to load hashes from encrypted SAM recovered from a Windows partition, and a Live CD version. Some tables are provided as a free download but larger ones have to be bought from Objectif Sécurité. For downloads and more information, visit the ophcrack homepage.

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  • June 4, 2013 (11 years, 1 month ago)
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no rating Dawson

Ophcrack is good but it can't boot from a modern computer with UEFI unless you change to Legacy Boot in the UEFI settings. You can reset lost Windows password using Windows installation disc: https://www.top-password.com/knowledge/reset-windows-10-password-without-reset-disk.html

No third-party software is needed.

no rating Manu

Ophcrack has serious issues with the latest Win 10 build. It failed several times on laptops such as DELL, HP and Lenovo. An alternative way is: http://www.uukeys.com/best-ophcrack-alternatives.html

★★★★ hexafraction

A good tool, though it has some lacking spots, such as user-created rainbow tables, and more fine-grained control of the process(especially bruteforce and pause/resume).

★★★★★ Beastmode

This is a great tool. A visual demonstration is done here also using Rainbow Tables.


no rating UNST3RBLICH

Attempts to run a Password dump upon downloading, prior to installation.

★★★★★ Olugbenga Akinlolu Moses

Please you can send the download link to me via email thanks.

no rating Jorge

Excellent tool for passoword discovery, you can download the free version which comes with small rainbow table that will discover most "simple" alphanumeric passwords, for complex password you might want to purchase additional rainbow tables. You can also download the iso file and burn it onto a cd or usb. All in all is a great tool!

★★★★★ Julian Astts

This is a great tool for forking out simple passwords in minutes. The live CD/USB has helped greatly to get myself started on the arts of Rainbow Tables.

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