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While many canned security tools are available on this site for handling common tasks, scripting languages allow you to write your own (or modify existing ones) when you need something more custom. Quick, portable scripts can test, exploit, or even fix systems. Archives like CPAN are filled with modules such as Net::RawIP and protocol implementations to make your tasks even easier. Many security tools use scripting languages heavily for extensibility. For example Scapy interaction is through a Python interpreter, Metasploit modules are written in Ruby, and Nmap's scripting engine uses Lua.

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I am concerned that this list is still up to date. I havent been to this site in years and forgot everything I used to know. Are these tools still the most relevant. I noticed a list of tools at the Kali Linux Distro website that seemed different, though I have not had an opportunity to review them. Either way, thank you for this compilation. It is my intention to donate something small if nothing else this payday. This website was helpful to me years ago, and that's the reason I even remember to check it now.

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