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Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a security enhancement to Linux implementing mandatory access control (MAC). Users and processes can be granted their least required privileges in a much more granular way than with traditional Unix access control. For example, you can define a policy to prevent your web browser from reading your SSH keys. The security model of SELinux has been ported to other operating systems; see SEBSD for FreeBSD and Project fmac for OpenSolaris. For downloads and more information, visit the SELinux homepage.

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no rating Henry Woodward MD

I have been hijacked for the past 7-8 months by a large corporation. Destroyed >$10000 in computer equipment 4, tablets 3, routers 5, printer, software, repairs, obstructing my attempts to repair all the devices, mobile phones 4, I got the IPA's, certificates using SSL/TSL scan of the IPA's, whois defining corporate address, phone number, as well as, lookup under arin.org. I have over 2000 pages of data. I called the FTC...10days later I received a pamphlet from the company entitled companies Privacy Policy which stated if I owned or used a service of their's they could remote access any device in my house. Problem is I own all my devices and the only service that they own that I did not know because I pay my local phone company who bundles it with internet and satellite TV....Direct TV??? So I called all the numbers on the pamphlet twice and only two people listened for 4-7 minutes before I heard someone tell them to end the call. I asked why what was going on and they said they could not talk and hung up. I am on disability with several heart conditions but I am still trying to return to work but I have to do 75-100 hours of medical education, research, and communicate with my colleagues. Besides other medical society's I have to stay in touch with. And this is the software they are using on my mobile phones.....it throttled cpus 4 to 11/2 , decreased frequencies, voltage, limited what I can download, obstructing my email to Google support to a blind address, upload all my activity....webpages, phone conversation...contacts, messages, emails, downloaded apps, pop up ads that I had won a new iPhone when I had all my programs to block pop ups, and the 60 phone calls on my landline, as well as, mobile phones. I need to build a rack that will block remote access, redirects, injections, backdoors, worms, crackers, DOS, keyloggers, VPN crackers, ghosting, DNS redirect, DNS corrupter, zip file identifier, cookie wiper, MAC & IP wiper, fingerprint cleaner, packet analyzer,

no rating Vipin Gupta

"selinux"is ultimate in security. it was develoved by NSA & it makes your servers almost unhackable. it can offer you military grade security. in future it is going to be among top 3 security tools. only problem with this is difficult to understand syntax. basically it adds another layer of security to linux. "REDHAT" is doing lot on this technology to make it simple to learn.

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