Social Engineer Toolkit

The Social Engineer Toolkit incorporates many useful social-engineering attacks all in one interface. The main purpose of SET is to automate and improve on many of the social-engineering attacks out there. It can automatically generate exploit-hiding web pages or email messages, and can use Metasploit payloads to, for example, connect back with a shell once the page is opened. For downloads and more information, visit the Social Engineer Toolkit homepage.

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no rating Ipl t20 live streaming

Many people don't realize the workload required to pull off a successful phishing campaign. Dave Kennedy and crew have done most of the work for you

no rating pretext

Still maintained and frequently updated in 2015.

/* Updated Java Applet with obfuscation. master commit 331114e01628e0c0d087b453caa64a913d86d5ff 1 parent 29a0500 trustedsec authored 36 minutes ago */

woot !

no rating harsha

This feature of SET is not supported in windows yet or metasploit is not found. How to overcome this problem???plz suggest!!!!

★★ achref

SET is awesome, it is better than brushing your teeth!!!

★★★★★ airsploit

My life is SET. Its an amazing tool! props to Dave.

★★★★ Sourav

from last few days my set toolkit is not working properly sitecloner not working

no rating Roger

The Social Engineer Toolkit is one of the best I've found so far, take for exampel the payload tester.

no rating Beastmode

SET is a dream come true. There is also a GUI for SET in the Browser watch the demo and installation here:

★★★★★ n1tr0g3n

One of the best tools in any Pentest Distro! SET has the ability to do many things all in one easy to use package. It's great for beginners and experienced a like. Make this your #1 tool in your arsenal. SET "Like a Sir"


I getting metasploit not found error try updating 'set' it will certainly work!!!

So what the solution for this? Please can give the step by step for this??


no rating Stutya

if u r getting metasploit not found error try updating 'set' it will certainly work!!!

no rating One2Remember

Hands down best tool ever!!! A perfect 10 out of 10

no rating Rehm Ali Baloch

oh frinds my social engineering tool kit showing this error [!] Sorry. Metasploit was not found. This feature does not work properly without Metasploit. Press {return} to go back to the main menu.Please tell me how i can fix this problem.....

★★★★★ Justin

The Social Engineer Toolkit is hands down the best social engineering program available!

★★★★★ Maverick.of.UC

This is the best tool for any social attacks. There is not another in the world like it.

★★★★★ red-dragon

Awesome tool. Never find any other tool like this one. Good job dave. ;)

★★★★★ Blackflag

Great tool, use it often. It has a lot of updates and very easy to use.

★★★★★ FrackMacker

SET is awesome -- I'm a frequent user.. SET is awesome -- I'm a frequent user.. SET is awesome -- I'm a frequent user.. SET is awesome -- I'm a frequent user.. SET is awesome -- I'm a frequent user..

★★★★★ j0k3rr

Social Engineering toolkit is just AWESOME! special thanks to dave_rel1k and the dev-team for their work!

no rating Aditya Joshi

hey frnds my social eng kit showing this error [!] Sorry. Metasploit was not found. This feature does not work properly without Metasploit. Press {return} to go back to the main menu. tell me the way to repair this error

no rating Shane O'Connor

if you have to ask how to find it than you don't need it. Awesome program by the way just started getting into pen testing and it's the funnest thing ever and this tool just makes it better thank you so much.

★★★★★ Ankit Prateek

An amazing tool to start Your Penetration Tests with... Also lays stress on the Importance of Hugs..(during Pentests too) o Sheesh.. this antispam is freaking me out now!! ultimate answer is 42? :/

★★★★★ Ben Owned

Great Tool used in all my pentests.......................................................................................................................................................

★★★★★ theaudioman

Great tool! Used it last week to snap a webcam pic on an exploited laptop during security awareness training. Boy was everyone in the room shocked when they saw their picture on the big screen. they paid attention to my presentation afterwards too.

★★★★★ MikeKlang

Fully support SET tools! Been using it very often and it really helps me a lot as a beginner in doing pentest. It's a great tool with foc price! Great work dave and keep it up!

no rating Fly

[-] Launching MSF Listener... [-] This may take a few to load MSF..

why can't I load MSF for half a hour?

bt5 r1 msf: /opt/framework/msf3

★★★★★ Julian

I use this tool on every single penetration test. It is an absolute must have. How is this by ranked number 3 or 4?????

★★★★★ DjN3CR0

Really Nice program por Pentest! i really use too much for my work and its one of the best programs for pentest(:

★★★★★ lnxg33k

Dave + dev-team == Ninja Thanks for the great tool

★★★★★ CyberArms

If you try it you will like it! Nice job Dave and the gang!

★★★★★ (0r3(0Ð3r

Social Engineering is the easiest way to fool. Great tool. Code on!

★★★★★ softw4regod

Fantastic must have tool.... and now at V3. Hugs to Dave.

★★★★★ 0_cool

Amazing nothing beats it really doesnt ...

Everybody should use this its a must !

★★★★★ w0r/\/\

Set is amazing! will use it for forever!! I want to be able to contribute to set but i dont know were to start.

★★★★★ brk

Great tool ! thanks Dave created it ,Insist to updates. thanks ! thanks !

★★★★★ VeL

SET is BAD-ASS tool.. learned it, loved it, lived it ... thanks to the people who created it.. GOOD JOB GUYS!

★★★★★ dj

Great Toolkit. Very efficient tool for demonstrations. Keep up the great work Dave!

★★★★★ Dat30

Is realy the best! great job Dave! kepp the good job :-D

no rating g11tch

Great toolkit. What else could a Social Engineer need? Imagination and thats all.

Good Job Dave, pr1me, Jofer Keep it up

and maybe add in that new bueatiful 0day i heard about...

:-) thanks again guys

no rating Chris Hadnagy

What else can I say... I love social engineering. I love SET and ...well even Dave is ok. :)

★★★★★ Guido

Best tool out there, has everything i need for social engineering and dave always replies to any questions you have or if you need help.

★★★★★ makavelli_x1

People said it All , Best Pentest tool in Todays market and It looks like Dave and his team Just started ... cant say enough 10x guys .

★★★★★ !Nj3cToR

SET is SUUUUUPPEEER and amaaaazing toolkit. Tnx' @dave_rel1k :)

★★★★★ Nessim

A must have security tool! To recommend in conjunction with Metasploit framework, bundled in Backtrack ;)

★★★★★ Nick Jenkins

I have used SET since early on and it is a great tool. It's almost scary how well it works on a pen-test.

★★★★★ Greg Hetrick

Top notch tool. A must for all security professionals.

★★★★★ Austin Whipple

SET has shown me where the REAL vulnerabilities are in a large network: the people. Talk about educational.

★★★★★ krangarajan

Social Engineering engagements would be a lot more harder without SET, and without Dave being around to help out with any problem that arises with it. It provides you all the necessary components to make your life easier. More importantly, it lets you be as creative as possible with your attacks, without binding you to a particular set of options. Kudos to the development team - the tool will only get better as time progresses.

★★★★★ shai_saint

I LOVE SET! This tool has been invaluable on several pen test engagements. Kennedy puts a lot of effort into making the tool better with each update. The tool allows for what may take days to build for a social engineering attack available in mere minutes. Awesome!

★★★★★ Brian

SET is an amazing toolkit. Dave updates it frequently and easy to use.

★★★★★ John Strand

Rocks... Simply, rocks.

Thanks SET crew.

Hugs to Dave. Hugs from Dave.

★★★★★ Devanshu Shukla

SET is an amazing tool which i have used upto core. Each and every option. Well, it is very well documented but I feel something like detailed docs should be incorporated to it, for using complicated tools for better understanding and learning security technology as well(using with android emulator for message spoofing and more) and exposure to more and more people, out there, dealing with some kind of actions related to social engineering. The best thing with SET is it can be used for normal users which are not hackers or security experts or malicious PostMan. SET expands thinking of users to use and learn Social Technologies. Alot more to say, but words are not enough to describe beauty of SET.

★★★★★ sl1kc4t

If you want to pop a box this is simply the best tool to use. It's always about exploiting the carbon factor ;) hint what sits between chair and the keyboard!

★★★★★ DaKahuna

SET achieves Einstein's concept of "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." While simple to use and with a straightforward user interface SET makes successful social engineering attacks achievable for the multitudes.

I have also successfully demonstrated the need and value of end user training and education focused on phishing attacks to senior management using SET.

★★★★★ David Hughes

SET Is not only a wonderful penetration testing tool but also a very nice tool to use to demonstrate various kinds of attacks. Keep up the good work Dave!

★★★★★ arch3angel

I have watched, and used SET throughout it's entire life cycle, from conception to current version. The dedication the development team has to producing a high quality, extremely useful tool has proven to be the leader in social engineering. Updates are frequent, just wait few minutes and do your update, these guys are always adding things and fixing bugs. New releases are just a business trip away, and that too happens very often :-)

The ability to customize and tweak SET to fit your engagement perfectly, this makes SET the Swiss Army knife of the security profession.

You should never leave home without it!

no rating micmast

How could I best define SET... Seriously Evil and Twisted!! I love it, great tool

no rating @_dark_knight_

SET is such an awesome and versatile tool. I used it recently during a security awareness session. It really drove the point home.

Great work @Dave. Thank you.

★★★★★ s0iLG

One of the finest tool. I have used this tool in a number of social engineering excersies....... available...

★★★★★ Hackett

Every time you fire up SET, Dave gives a free hug to a needy wallaby. Please think of the wallabies and fire up SET!

★★★★★ Chris Hadnagy newer comment by this user ↑

This has gotta be one of the best tools out there. Dave puts his heart and soul into the creation of it.

Don't worry if something doesn't work in the next 14.5 minutes there will be an update and it will fix what ever ails you. :)

Great work Dave!

★★★★★ Simulanti

Really great tool !

@Dave Great work ! Keep up the good work!

★★★★★ blcksept

Great tool, the Nmap equivalent for social engineers.

★★★★★ obscuresec

SET is awesome. For such a small group of developers, it is constantly improving. As new attack vectors are released, they are rapidly implemented into SET. Many people don't realize the workload required to pull off a successful phishing campaign. Dave Kennedy and crew have done most of the work for you. You can now focus on training your users not to click on links!

★★★★★ Ivan

SET is by far the number one most used tool that I use during a penetration test. It's effective and most importantly, it works. This is by far the number 1 most popular tool that I can think of on How the heck is it in the 50's?!

★★★★★ Lopi

The Social Engineering Toolkit is probably my favorite tool in my arsenal. The teensy features are probably my favorite part of SET. However, I'm still continually impressed with the java applet payload. Integration with Metasploit makes automating post exploitation a breeze. The amount of wrapping done in this tool is simply amazing. Hats off to Dave and the rest of the SET development team.

no rating slops17

SET is one of the best pen-testing tools out there. This should be included in every pen-testers arsenal. Thanks for the great tool Dave.

★★★★★ Lvdeijk

Awesome tool for demos. Good job Dave ! I am sure that your ratings will go through the roof

no rating konspirasi

SET is one of tools that every pentester must have, it made easy the job, thx Dave!

★★★★★ sL0ps

Ive been using set for a years now and I have to say there is nothing faster and with a success rate of 95% -100% the shells keep coming , the new features like teensy and SMS spoof attacks make it a tool that 100% of hackers, c|eh or even an admin should have in there tool belt

★★★★★ b0dach

This is a great tool! We have used it as part of our internal testing and it is extremely effective! The ability to make customizations in the config file give you the ability to tailor it to your specific needs. Best tool out there for any SE testing.

★★★★★ Jeremy

Amazing tool. The price (free) can't be beat. Dave updates this project often and it's very easy to use.

★★★★★ Adam_Williams00

SET is awesome, it is better than brushing your teeth!!!

★★★★★ CyberRad

The Social Engineer Toolkit is one of those programs no pen tester can leave out of their toolbox. It is one of the easiest tools I have used. It allows me to concentrate on other aspects of the pen test while collecting shells from a crafted email to the target company. But that is not all it does. It also allows me to be creative in my attack vectors by integrating code for the Teensy. Load the code generated by this tool into the Teensy and package it up with some "free" piece of hardware. Someone will always plug it in.

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