SolarWinds has created and sells dozens of special-purpose tools targeted at systems administrators. Security-related tools include many network discovery scanners, an SNMP brute-force cracker, router password decryption, a TCP connection reset program, one of the fastest and easiest router config download/upload applications available and more. For downloads and more information, visit the SolarWinds homepage.

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SNMP user

Now with illicit backdoors included!

Secure your supply chain, huh?

no rating Chris Andrews

Use Solarwinds app frequently for traffic analysis realtime alerting for down nodes, vpns, packet loss and disk cap. Primary Advantages- relatively easy to use. Dashboard type views show status of nodes, good graphical representation. Primary Disadvantages- Limited mapping & network discovery capability. This may make it better for some network topologies that others. Network discovery on some networks may require seperate manual entry to discover all subnets, vpns, etc. A great improvement would be if it had realtime network mapping, scanning to automatically detect changes on any portion of network Other- Uses relational database to store info, a pus to this is modularity and compatibility, a negative can be effect on its performance.

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