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sslstrip is an SSL stripping proxy, designed to make unencrypted HTTP sessions look as much as possible like HTTPS sessions. It converts https links to http or to https with a known private key. It even provides a padlock favicon for the illusion of a secure channel. Many HTTPS sites are normally accessed from a redirect on an HTTP page, and many users don't notice when their connection isn't upgraded. For downloads and more information, visit the sslstrip homepage.

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Rating ★★★★ (2)
Latest release 0.7
Dec. 18, 2009
(11 years, 4 months ago)


★★★★ sagnik betal

Yup pretty cool one .....unique one loved it .... #Moxie Marlinspike did an awesome job ....

★★★★ Quentin Swain

Awesome tool for intercepting http redirecting to ssl. Very useful

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