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Tcpdump is the network sniffer we all used before (Wireshark) came on the scene, and many of us continue to use it frequently. It may not have the bells and whistles (such as a pretty GUI and parsing logic for hundreds of application protocols) that Wireshark has, but it does the job well and with less security risk. It also requires fewer system resources. While Tcpdump doesn't receive new features often, it is actively maintained to fix bugs and portability problems. It is great for tracking down network problems or monitoring activity. There is a separate Windows port named WinDump. tcpdump is the source of the Libpcap/WinPcap packet capture library, which is used by Nmap and many other tools. For downloads and more information, visit the tcpdump homepage.

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Latest release 4.7.4
April 22, 2015
(5 years, 5 months ago)


★★★ kavati mahakal

yehhh, the information is awesome.....parat nko taku asa kahi

★★★★★ Luciano

The Ultimate tool of TCP stream capture and inspection. Complimented by tcpflow, tcpdump is a foundation for all and any network packet capturing.

★★★★ 孤独的人

谢谢, 伟大的人

no rating Justin

It is often used in embedded operating systems. For example, Edgewater's voip NOS.

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