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In its simplest form, WebScarab records the conversations (requests and responses) that it observes, and allows the operator to review them in various ways. WebScarab is designed to be a tool for anyone who needs to expose the workings of an HTTP(S) based application, whether to allow the developer to debug otherwise difficult problems, or to allow a security specialist to identify vulnerabilities in the way that the application has been designed or implemented. For downloads and more information, visit the WebScarab homepage.

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Latest release 20100820-1632
Aug. 20, 2010
(11 years, 5 months ago)


★★★★★ Jordan

What does this have to do with arcsite? This is a straightforward tool for packet manipulation. It runs as a Jar file in *nix systems. It works.

no rating hamza

yhanks W3af is an extremely popular, powerful, and flexible framework for finding and exploiting web application vulnerabilities. It is easy to use and extend and features dozens of web assessment and exploitation plugins. In some ways it is like a

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