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Wikto is a tool that checks for flaws in webservers. It provides much the same functionality as Nikto but adds various interesting pieces of functionality, such as a Back-End miner and close Google integration. Wikto is written for the MS .NET environment and registration is required to download the binary and/or source code. For downloads and more information, visit the Wikto homepage.

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Dec. 14, 2008
(12 years, 1 month ago)


no rating Jim Lei

So Cool! Cool! Cool! Cool! Cool! Cool! Cool! Cool! http://www.watchboxes.net/

no rating <a href="https://paczoneboxes.com/">Custom box</a> newer comment by this user ↑

So nice the tool! -> custom size plastic boxes packaging

no rating gaoliping

I use Nikto to all of my servers, thanks bro. http://www.cammm.com.cn

★★★ Trevor

I dont know if it works just seeing if anyone can comment...

no rating Geek

Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

★★★★★ StefanoWP.com

Such a wonderful tool, im novice and starting penetration testing on web applications!, guys you re experts sectools rocks....

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