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Firefox is a web browser, a descendant of Mozilla. It emerged as a serious competitor to Internet Explorer, with improved security as one of its features. While Firefox no longer has a stellar security record, security professionals still appreciate it for its wide selection of security-related add-ons, including Tamper Data, Firebug, and NoScript. For downloads and more information, visit the Firefox homepage.

Popularity #55, new!
Rating ★★★★½ (4)
Latest release 40.0.3
Aug. 27, 2015
(5 years, 7 months ago)


no rating jani

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★★★★★ Dule74

Firefox is a good browser and I use it. Chrome is faster, but firefox has more privacy.

★★★★ allows user tracking

Firefox allows to track you even without cookies -- allows browser fingerprinting -- why not removing these "features"? Otherwise this browser is not bad.

★★★★★ Nkjskj

it is really very good web browser. Best of desktop browser available for use. The security feature of firefox is really amazing i currently have http://www.nkjskj.com/internet/mozilla-firefox-11-new-features-available-for-download

★★★ Robert

Just watch out for the pre-fetch config options. Lots of browsers are leaking DNS and HTTP requests from people researching domains, etc via google, etc.

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