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NetScanTools is a collection of over 40 network utilities for Windows, designed with an easy user interface in mind. It includes DNS tools, a ping and port scanner, traceroute, and other utilities. It comes in bundles with more or fewer tools based on the price. For downloads and more information, visit the NetScanTools homepage.

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Latest release 11.30
May 8, 2012
(9 years, 4 months ago)


no rating RTV

but the tool is not free..you only get a 30 day demo price is between 250 - 400$ for the license.....

no rating Kirk Thomas

Thank you for including NetScanTools in your list. I would like to tell you that the current version is 11.30 released May 8, 2012. A more current screenshot is here: netscantools.com/images/nstprov11packetflooder.gif

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