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While there are many advanced high-tech tools out there to assist in security auditing, don't forget about the basics! Everyone should be very familiar with these tools as they come with most operating systems (except that Windows omits whois and uses the name tracert). They can be very handy in a pinch, although more advanced functionality is available from Hping and Netcat.

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no rating ajitha

i need what it is doing and how to use it in detailed manner. whether it is used for any algorithm and what algorithm it is used.

no rating Diego

Network Hacking is generally means gathering information about domain by using tools like Telnet, NslookUp, Ping, Tracert, Netstat, etc

★★★★★ Diego newer comment by this user ↑

Can't believe this pack is not mandatory for all dists.

★★★★★ whatismyip

How to review these tools, they have been around forever but are essential parts of the techie toolkit. 5 stars!

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